Zoe kravitz dating ezra miller

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Fair warning though, the popular kids might win you over too, if for no other reason than Jesse Mc Cartney, who plays Gavin Reilly, a superstar athlete and editor of the school newspaper.

The always stylish Zoë Kravitz plays Evie Wallace, a queen-bee-turned-outsider, who helps Gonzo start the underground publication.

There's nothing more fun than a great high school movie, and Beware the Gonzo could definitely be your new favorite (you can see it On Demand starting August 25, and in limited theaters starting September 9)!

You'll cheer for Eddie "Gonzo" Gilman, played by newcomer Ezra Miller, when he starts an underground newspaper at his prep school and leads his group of outcasts in standing up to the popular crowd.

C’est un an plus tard, en se glissant dans la peau d' Angel Salvador pour les besoins d' X-men : Le Commencement, qu'elle se fait une place à Hollywood.