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player overview screen appears before starting some battles and Showcase rounds. , Ash also receives a physical redesign, now having softer and slightly smaller birthmarks on his cheeks, his hair covers the top of his ears and is spikier, and he has more locks on his forehead.

Episodes in the XY series are numbered with the prefix XY on Bulbapedia.

Continuing the 20th anniversary celebrations of Pokémon, the XY Evolutions TCG set is an exciting and special one.

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A new art style was instituted at the beginning of the series.

A notable difference is that the stock 'effect' backgrounds have been almost entirely removed (only appearing when a main character catches a Pokémon or whenever Ash or Serena earn a Gym Badge or Princess Key, respectively).

Also, be sure to define how long a "gap" should be.

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The official comment is that the new set will be available from ' participating stores and hobby shops' but that's not helpful.