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Everyone wanted to make her day go as smoothly as possible.

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”’ Hollywood regulars: Susan Sarandon (left) poses with ex-partner of 23-years Tim Robbins and, as a family with sons Miles and Jack in 2004.

The actress had been told she may not be able to conceive because of her endometriosis When she fell in love with Tim, following various love affairs, including one with French director Louis Malle and Eva’s dad, she decided that if they didn’t marry ‘they wouldn’t take each other for granted’. Susan’s career flourished with further Best Actress Oscar nominations for her performances in Thelma And Louise, Lorenzo’s Oil, The Client and finally a win in 1995 for Dead Man Walking.‘I had my third child at 45, so I was a late mother,’ she says.

I continued to work but threw myself very hands-on into raising my family.

I pretty much stayed with them unless the film was to be shot in New York [where Susan continues to live].‘I got it down to a science.

So around my wrist, almost like a rope, the letters are sort of connected but spread apart.