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What’s your message to Cazwell’s ex – the guy who inspired the track?

,” and a video to match, starring electro princess Luciana. She’s one of those people that, even to this day, I’m like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe I did a song with Peaches.” It doesn’t seem real. People can say whatever they want to me, but at the end of the day I can say I have a fucking song with Peaches and they don’t. We never even met until the day before we shot the video [for “Guess What”], we just went back and forth through email …

The impossibly catchy videos that make you want to dance (and maybe touch yourself) for days. Lucky for us, the gay rapper/songwriter/producer/sex pistol is back on the proverbial scene with a brand new single, “Guess What? I started doubting if I was cool enough to do a song with her, because she’s just so fucking cool. Luciana is a big energetic ball of positive energy.

It’s a huge injustice and I am part of the fight to have him charged. Would you agree Hip Hop had made leaps and bounds in its acceptance of homosexuality?

It’s definitely a sign of the times for gay people when the number one rap album of the year is by a straight rapper who is part of the political fight for gay rights. Of course I want people to like me and speak highly of my work but I understand that I will never be able to please everyone and that’s ok. Whether their response to my songs and videos is positive or negative, I’m happy it gets a response, regardless. I’m dropping my new album Hard 2 B Fresh this spring. I also just started production on the new Amanda Lepore album. What is one topic that has yet to be covered in Hip Hop that you feel needs to be? Visit Sidebar with Manila Luzon: Who was the last person you Helen Kellered?

We had been in the same club scene for a long time, so knowing each other was inevitable. We don’t like watch TV every other night and split each others’ split ends, but we’re really tight. We got along really well, we’re both cancers, both creative water signs and we just clicked right away — a very natural chemistry. She actually follows me back on Twitter, I have bragging rights on that. So what is it you look for in a song that you know is going to make it a hit? I always think they’re going to change the world and everyone’s going to love me and my show’s going to sell out. But ultimately a good song is a song that people remember. ” people were dancing with it before then even heard it, so I knew it was time [to release it].