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Should people always say things like, "oh, Krystal you're so pretty and talented, no one compares to you...are my idol!

" or "you are such a great actor and the best singer ever! if you want to blow smoke up everybody's butt and say nice things about her then it's your choice, but don't criticize other people's comments because it doesn't suit you or her fans.

Just goes to say how professional she is; and she continues to work very hard (or even too much) to not disappoint her fans and prove haters wrong. Love every chemistry scenes between u & Kang Min Hyuk. i hope someday Kai Stal will have tandem on a movie. i hope someday f(x) will have a concert here in the philippines. you rock such A COOL girl I cant go a day with out watching your music video make more and more op to see you sing when you are old i love your unni like amber Victoria and and Luna love them too amber is the is really cool and the leader Victoria and Luna is really pretty hope to see you soon! nan neohuideul-eul salanghabnida you rock go F(X) am I right hey :) Kystal u are surely my inspiration! It's normal for fans to ship her with other idols Krystal her character in Heirs is so cute (wished she was the main though).

It's sad that she's allways mistaken as cold/snob type but she is more than her looks. Hope the 2 of us can collaborate together again as onscreen couple in another new drama. Are you & Min Hyuk are good friend in off screen too!? So sad it ended so fast -.-" i,m your number one fan. and i hope one day i can go visit korea so i'll see you in personal. I want to be like you cuz ur so pretty and funny and OMG i love ur eng ;) U played really well in the heirs :) and in High kick 3 : D i love the way u act and i think ur sis and u are the greatest people eva!!! TBH i think everything u do is perfect and i really wanna be like u :) i love ur band f(x) and the concert with jessica (tik tok) LOVE U krystal, you look more like yoona than sica. Krystal's character in Heirs was the only reason i still watched it.

@Miela Please, if you don't understand what someone is talking about, don't try to argue with them.

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