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Financial issues are one of the top reasons for divorce and financial disputes tend to go beyond simply not providing family necessities and into the realm of not providing for the materialistic needs of a particular woman.Men understand these dynamics and black men experience these dynamics to a greater extent than other men.

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Black women don’t set their dating and marriage standards around income any more than any other group of women and probably have lower income standards, yet once in a relationship, black women tend to try and draw blood.

It is this drawing of blood that black men are referring to as “gold-digging”, but this, as stated earlier, is a misnomer.

Thus, once a woman has depleted her personal resources, she then eyes her man’s resources and if allowed, will deplete his.

Resistance by the man often prompts the well known shaming tactic of calling a man “CHEAP”.

This avoids much relationship friction while still garnering financial rewards and a more stable financial future for the both of them since they will actually save some money.