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Nrama: I know Annette (O'Toole-Martha Kent) said on Twitter that she's had some scenes with you. Did you happen to see that she just did a couple of weeks ago? Glover: I keep trying to find out but they won't tell me anything.

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It's a place where off-the-grid stars discreetly make ends meet, where former A-listers go to retire and D-listers dream of being discovered, and where cheesy made-for-TV originals and straight-to-DVD tales of murderous boyfriends and flocks of wild horses coexist in sweet, sweet harmony.

In honor of the latest gem to grace the channel's airwaves, check out our exhaustive list of its other so-bad-they're-good classics: The 50 Most Ridiculous Lifetime Movies.

I ask, but they go, 'Oh, we'll let you be surprised. Glover: [laughs] What I've been trying to get it out of them is how the season is going to end.

Glover: [laughs] You know, they don't tell us a lot of what's coming up.

When one of the writers says, 'I'm directing an episode,' you think, oh dear.