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How do I find true love, how do I find the right life partner, how do I know that my boyfriend wants me for marriage, how do I know that my boyfriend truly loves me, how do I avoid being used and dumped by a man?

All these questions and more are often the usual questions that occupy the minds of majority of single ladies globally, and it is no doubt that these questions are critical questions that also calls for a critical answer.

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What to expect when dating a nigerian man teen dating and partying games

But if he is a Yoruba, then you need to find out his religion because in Yoruba tribe, there are majorly three dominant religions- Christianity, Islam, and Ifa. By history, Ibos are known for trade and little agricultural activities like farming with hoe, etc.

An Ibo man loves business, trade and anything that will make him to be in constant contact with money.

’ I never expected the speech he gave me afterwards. We are both doctors, yes; but that does not mean I will start eating Indomie and garri because you work late’ I was like ‘huh?

’ He later went to explain that he had no problems with my dreams and aspiration; but because I chose a seemly time consuming field did not mean I would not cook for him, wash his clothes, iron them, take care of the children and perform my wifely duties whenever needed.

History has also traced Ibo tribe to have an ancestral linkage with the Jews, and this can be seen in their ingenuity in so many human activities, especially in trade, craft, local technology, etc.

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