Updating your nook

Expect my thoughts on that to appear later this week.

Just like the instructions above, you can simply power down the Nook Color, remove the SD Card, and power the Nook Color back up and you’re right back into the Nook flavor of the OS. If you have questions about licensing material from Soc Med Sean.com, please feel free to contact me.

One common question I get a lot is, “How will I know when an update is up for your game?

- Click the “n” button - Tap the “apps” icon that appears along the bottom - When you land on the screen with all your apps, look on the right side near the top for a blue circle with a triangle inside it point to the text “Check for Updates” - Tap “Check for Updates” the B&N Store should look for any and all updates for your apps (it might take a bit before the next window appears) - If you see any updates, tap “Update All” in the top right corner That should do the trick!

What may get lost in the shuffle is that they also announced the release of the second firmware update for their nook Simple Touch e-reader.

I only wish I had found his blog before I had gone through the process.