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No doubt if he keeps going through women at the rate he is now, there will be a Tiger Woods celebrity sex tape sometime in the future. This is a list of Tiger Woods' mistresses and a list of Tiger Woods' girlfriends.Pictures and photos can be found next to their names.With all the scandal surrounding Woods' relationships, it's quite surprising he hasn't found himself on the list of celebrity sex tapes yet.

They’re the ones who came out with this Tiger story and I’m going to choose to believe them because everything on the internet is true.

With that in mind, I for one am SHOCKED that Tiger is dating a woman with blonde hair.

HL- It looks like Tiger Woods may have found himself a new blonde bombshell! Her cousin reportedly told the site that their relationship is “awesome,” but she’s “not allowed to talk about it.” Sounds scandalous!

The pro golfer is dating personal stylist, Kristin Smith, according to a new report, Nov. There is no word on how long Tiger and Kristin have reportedly been dating. And he’s willing to throw his dick inside anything that looks remotely like her.

The success rate for celebrity couples these days seems awful low -- no thanks to the attention paid to them being very high. Follow AOL Sports on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.