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Browser Intrusion Prevention System (Browser IPS) is a new advanced protection feature included with the Endpoint Protection 12.1.x client.

This browser plugin works in conjunction with, but is separate from the Client Intrusion Detection System (CIDS) used by the client firewall-based IPS engine. Browser IPS intercepts VBScript, Java Script and Active X calls running in the browser as they are executed, inspecting the parameters of these calls for exploits to vulnerabilities.

Endpoint Protection 12.1.x provides overall improved security over Endpoint Protection 11.0.x on multiple levels.

Upgrading to Endpoint Protection 12.1.x not only provides the necessary virus definitions and security updates moving forward, but introduces numerous, additional protection technologies that were not present in Endpoint Protection 11.x that will better protect your environment today, as well as tomorrow.

This allows the Browser IPS engine to detect exploit code which would otherwise have been hidden or obfuscated from other detection methods - including the CIDS engine.