Sung kang dating

He says that before he was cast as Han in The Fast and Furious, he was unaware of the drifting subculture that existed in Japan.

He has played in many films like Talking to Taka, Pearl Harbor, The Motel, fast and furious, Lives free or Dies Hard, The Come up, Fast and furious6 and fast and furious seven, etc.

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her characters were on the extreme and thoroughly unlikable before while his were almost identical to each other for a trio of them (and very flat/generic, typical popular high school athlete sorts of things that are here again, college and an actual backstory the crucial difference in him being the lead)... She is doing SUCH a great job with a role that could be horrible if she didn't become the full human instead of what many do, adopt the stereotypes and say the words... know that you have given your best and you are really good acting as kim bok joo!! Not to mention such a pretty face and tall figure.. she honestly looks so different with long hair when i searched her up(since this is the first time ive seen her) she was unrecognizable!!! If you watched Cheese in A Trap and watching Doctors, you'll see how she pulled off her characters very well, and both characters are so far from each others in terms of personality. Just completed watching Cheese in the trap ofcourse hated her in that drama .....

anyway, very impressive work for such a limited-thus-far resume! you are sooo goood in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!! im glad to see that her previous roles are the second lead mean girl but in weightlifting fairy shes the main girl!! I just finished watching Doctors and I think she was wonderful. but such a great actress she is her acting reminded me of Cheong Song yi "My love from the star" she almost similar to jung ji hyun..... I would love to see her get a leading lady part, soon.

His first major role was in Better Luck Tomorrow in which played the role of Han which was popular, and his role was an aloof gang member.