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Sales were so good that special production runs were ordered strictly for souvenir purposes.

A back stamp consists of words, possibly a logo, and other codes placed by the manufacturer on the back of each piece of china.

Properly interpreted, back stamps show the history of the piece.

"Centenary"china is arguably the most popular and widely collected pattern.

First produced in 1927 for the railroad's 100th anniversary, Centenary china has a number of characteristics that make it especially attractive to collectors: From its inception, Centenary china was extremely popular with travelers and was even sold to the public. The practice of selling to the public was discontinued during W. II because the B&O could not obtain new china stocks due to rationing.

Click on either image at right for a larger version. Scammell China of Trenton, New Jersey produced Centenary china under the "Scammell's Lamberton" brand [SCM] from 1927 to the outbreak of W. The patent was applied for by Olive Dennis of the B&O on December 7, 1926 and was granted on May 31, 1927.