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If you are going to meet her perents ,you should have two different bouquets: one for her, the other for her mother.

When choosing flowers, it is useful to remember what they symbolize. Even nowadays, in the century of high tech, people understand unconsciously the flower language. Here comes a question: Whether to give the flowers in the package or without it.

It is not only the infringement of the etiquette, but also is considered an insult.

After the present is given, do not try to get a direct answer to "Dear, tell me, honestly, did you like my present?

For some women it is not the present itself, that matters, but the attention of the man, the excitement of the expectation of the present, trying to guess what it would be. Women like to dream, so giving her something she is dreaming about is a good idea, as well as keeping it a secret so she can dream of getting to know what it is.