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In the meantime alert all your friends and relatives to this unique opportunity to buy excellent Christmas presents at a much reduced price.

The Ringwood area of Hampshire has a rich brewing history dating back centuries.

Heade (1819-1904) named "Ringwood Meadow" or "Landscape with Cattle", dating to 1859.

published by Ringwood in 2015 to great acclaim, including a memorable appearance at the 2016 Aye Write Festival.

Ringwood are delighted to announce they have acquired the rights to the first Charlie Brock novel is set mainly in Millport, although the action swings furiously from cities as diverse as Barcelona and Glasgow.

This means students that are behind in reading or math will have additional help .

I want to thank you for saving the Box Tops for education.

Once the Launch is over the evening will immediately switch to being the Ringwood Christmas Present Book Fair, where all Ringwood books will be available to buy as Christmas presents for reductions of between 25% and 50%.