Punkbuster not updating apb

(Please note that you will need to run the batch script with administrative privileges for the services to start). Paste the following three lines into it: The first two lines start the two Punkbuster services Pnk Bstr A and Pnk Bstr B.

The third line launches the actual game, in this example it is Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Double-click the first Punkbuster Service Component and change the Startup Type from Automatic to Manual.

When done click on the Stop button to stop the service from running on the PC. Both Punkbuster services have now been stopped and set to manual startup type.

Quite a few games run the Punk Buster services, you can find a full list on their homepage. Double click (For Vista/Win7/Win8 users, right-click the file and select to run as Admin). Some other software programs such as virus scanners, firewalls and Internet security software packages are suspicious of any new services and kernel drivers when they are first released.