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A method of measuring the concentration of metal ions in a sample comprising the steps of: providing a sample comprising a nonpolar, liquid hydrocarbon, suspected of containing a metal ion; adding a dye such as a spirobenzopyran dye or bathocuproine and a reducing agent to the sample; wherein the dye...

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The reducing agent reduces Cu(II) to Cu(I), which is the BCP complexing form.

Some dyes may not be suitably soluble in the sample.

shows the spectral response of NQSP in Jet A jet fuel containing 0 mg/L MDA to increasing concentrations of Cu(II) and the inset graph demonstrates the linearity of response obtained for increasing Cu(II) concentrations from 0 to 300 μg/L at 440 nm in the presence and absence of 2 mg/L MDA; The first step in the method of the invention is providing a sample of a nonpolar, liquid hydrocarbon, suspected of containing a metal ion.

The sample may comprise jet fuel, which is usually made up of alkanes.

Despite the fact that the copper sweetening process has been almost entirely replaced by processes such as Merox treating and hydrotreating that do not introduce copper contamination, copper can still be acquired by jet fuel from contact with copper-bearing alloys in fuel handling processes, including pipes, brass fittings, bearings, and most significantly, Navy shipboard fuel handling systems which are comprised largely of Cu/Ni admiralty metal.