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The default permissions on that share is "Read" for "Everyone." Incorrect path: Verify that the path to the directory where Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition is installed is correct. If using long file names, enclose the path in quotation marks.

Proxy or firewall issues: If you are using a proxy or firewall that blocks FTP communications, Cegetter will not work.

I'm keeping tabs on a remote sever that is running Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Server

About a month ago, the Virus Definition File version date stopped updating and hasn't updated since - 3/26/2012 rev. The automatic update has continued to run everyday, downloading the latest definitions, but not updating the version date in the client. Sometimes it downloads an update successfully and other times it says the virus definitions are up to date.

If you have a support contract with them - I really suggest you contact them instead.