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He also expanded the nation's military power to drive out Japanese pirates and northern nomads and regain territories that had been lost.

Korean culture developed rapidly and flourished during the Joseon Dynasty until it was attacked by the Japanese in the 16th century and then attacked twice by China, which resulted in severed relations with Japan and Korea becoming a Chinese tributary state.

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The kingdom saw relative peace until the 8th and 9th centuries when revivalists led uprisings and toppled the Silla, establishing—in an ironic twist of fate—the Goryeo (also called Koryo) dynasty, shorthand for Goguryeo, from which the name "Korea" was derived by Westerners.

One highlight of the Goryeo dynasty was that in 1234 the world's first metal movable type was invented by a Korean named Choe Yun-ui (200 years before Gutenberg's printing press).

The ability of officials to provide consular assistance is extremely limited.

Sweden, through its Embassy in Pyongyang, is the "Protecting Power" for Canadian and American and Australian nationals if any emergency consular assistance is required, but such assistance will likely be very limited, due to the unpredictability of the actions of the government of the DPRK.

Buddhist and Confucian teachings were prominent in the Goguryeo Kingdom, which adopted Buddhism as the state religion in 372.