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In my 30 years working with Matt, I have seen him mentor and help countless young journalists and broadcasters.

He has always been incredibly generous with his time and advice.” When the same rumor keeps resurfacing it means there may be some truth to be told.

There were reports in 2010 that Matt cheated with two women while covering the Vancouver Olympics.

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For Variety’s latest issue, we asked “Today’s” Matt Lauer to write a tribute for his co-anchor Savannah Guthrie, one of 50 people to make our New Power of New York list.

Here’s why Guthrie represents a new generation of movers and shakers that capture the best of Manhattan. From the day I met Savannah, I knew there was something special about her.

A powerful journalist, broadcaster, mom, wife and friend. Matt Lauer is the anchor of “Today.” Read our full New Power of New York List here, as well as tributes for Megyn Kelly (by Judge Judy), Chelsea Clinton (by Bill Clinton) and Ivanka Trump (by Jared Kushner).

published this week a sensational — and false — story about Matt Lauer and his “Today” co-anchor Savannah Guthrie, claiming the colleagues are in the midst of a “cheating scandal.” According the tab, the pair “got dangerously close after they first met five years ago, then dialed their relationship back,” but “now eyebrows are being raised behind the scenes as their connection heats up again.” “Industry insiders have been buzzing about Matt and Savannah again,” a “source” tells .

Born on June 6, 1972, Natalie Morales is currently forty-four years old.