Mark salling and dating

Mark Salling é o nome do ator por trás do personagem Puck do seriado Glee.Veja se você consegue descolar um encontro romântico com este gato americano, respondendo perguntas sobre o ator e preparando-o para o compromisso.

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The 12-year age difference may seem a bit jarring (could you imagine being fresh out of high school and in a relationship with a 31-year-old?

) but Mark has nothing but nice things to say about his new lady, whom he met through her music producer.

Pierce (Heather Morris) and Mike Chang (Harry Shum, Jr.) return to Lima for the glee club's last week.

For their 100th assignment, glee club director Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) asks old and new members alike to sing remixed versions of their favorite songs, and announces he has invited April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) to join them.

"I always felt like there was something that he was wrestling with." EXCLUSIVE: Naya Rivera Opens Up About Her Secret Abortion Rivera added that her dating Salling had a lot to do with being "young, dumb, and naive." "You make such poor decisions in who you are going to date when you are 21, 22," she said. You pick the hot guy, with the abs, who is kind of a bad boy." WATCH: Naya Rivera Opens Up About Battling Anorexia, Getting an Abortion in 'Sorry Not Sorry' Memoir As Rivera writes in her book, she and Salling dated on-and-off for three years while the two were on together.