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If a country were populated solely with America’s single adults, it would be the world’s 14th largest nation.

This explains why we all have “Carolyns” in our lives and counseling practices—single friends and family members looking for love, but in all the wrong places.

Only by departing, however, could she later experience God’s lasting inner peace and position herself for His guidance in relationships that would be healthy and pleasing in His sight.

This route, however, rarely leads to agape—unconditional love that seeks what is in the best interest of the other person—because it’s hijacked along the way by selfishness, lust, or any number of other relational roadblocks. Following this progression helps keep a couple from being consumed by erotic emotion.

The eros-phileo-agape progression of most dating relationships is not only ineffective . Helping the “Carolyns” in Your World Carolyn and I talked at length that night about the real meaning of love and the need to back out of her bond with her boyfriend.

Understanding what love truly means is critical in order to enjoy a healthy, Christ-centered dating relationship.

You’ve compromised in a way that let your heart rule your head.” As our conversation progressed, it became clear that Carolyn, like so many Christian singles, didn’t understand the true meaning of love. While the English language has only one word for love, the Greek language features multiple words with multiple meanings.

By June Hunt Last February—just in time for Valentine’s Day—one of the world’s largest online dating sites released results of a survey they took of 5,200 singles. Eros Eros is passionate, romantic love, but it can also represent the feeling of strong emotion without a romantic focus.