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It is a bad town if you want to find a long-term, committed relationship that may lead to marriage someday. My friends and I fall into the very bottom of the age range. I met the love of my life here (my husband) who, on our first date, showed up with flowers. And he'd made a reservation at a restaurant that he'd picked out. He was (is) brilliant, funny, handsome, romantic (even after 7 years together), and apparently thinks I'm amazing!

I never had a problem getting dates, getting laid, having fun. I dated lots of women in LA, and was never really want for company... Granted I am not there yet, but when I have been, it's been a steady stream of conversation. They called me right away after giving them my phone number. (always a nice quality in a man) I see my much younger sister, in Boston, going through the same thing I did. and she keeps dating these loser guys because she's shy and they're the only ones who are asking her out.

Every straight guy under 30 years old that I've met in my building has a constant stream of young women in their place.

Just going to the Ralphs on 9th near Flower, the ratio of women to men is around 3:1.

People who work in a uniform are usually dedicated to their profession - police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors, pilots. They have crazy schedules and little time for flakes.