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The actress is reportedly dating Diplo, according to Us Weekly.

While sources claim that the the couple — who were spotted leaving the Met Gala together back in May — are indeed "dating" and were seen partying at a club in Ibiza, Spain, during Kate's recent getaway, the DJ's rep is denying the new romance.

During the People's Choice award show, the Oscar winner invited Julia up to the stage with her.

(Julia also wore a heart necklace with her son's picture in it during the event.) "We're all so quick to say we can't or ' Oh, it happened to them, but it will never happen to me.' Yes, I am a witness. "Its one thing to be a celebrity and have power -- but it means nothing if we're not making a difference with helping someone else and trying to change a life." PHOTOS: Stars gone too soon Soon after her family tragedy, both sisters started the Julian D. It was established to "provide stability, support and positive experiences for children of all backgrounds," the site reads.

Stay tuned as we await more details and take a look at all the new (and rekindled) celebrity romances from this year — so far!