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Secrets of the Code Actress Susan Sarandon narrates this feature-length documentary that explores the controversy and widespread effects spawned by Dan Brown's runaway best-seller The Da Vinci Code.

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The show's third season finds Franco (Daniel Sunjata) in the arms of an aggressive older woman (Susan Sarandon) and the whole crew taking heat from an angry Rev. Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds After breaking up with his boyfriend, rebounding college student Kyle (Jim Verraros) turns his attention to Troy, a handsome male model in his art class.

Farm boy Troy claims to be straight, but an unconvinced Kyle decides to take him to a campus support group for "reformed" gays to find out the truth.

Now an adult, D'Artagnan must turn to his musketeer allies to save France from the queen's evil reign.

Emmanuelle Béart, Tchéky Karyo, Vincent Elbaz, Grégori Derangère and Heino Ferch co-star in this Pierre Aknine-directed drama.

Lording over the eatery is hilarious, ersatz philosopher/owner Kenny Shopsin, who caters to such regulars as writer Calvin Trillin.