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From a pet-free / non-smoking home, in "as new" condition.

22 Rise by Sean Scott - 40 Cobra Reel by Steve Fearson (will need thread bullets unless you have thread you can reel onto the bullets i supply) 55 i Logo by Craig Squires - 5 Clean Cash UK by Marc Oberon (one gimmick) - 10 Paul Harris Presents The Hawk 2.0 (With Gimmicks) by Alexander Kolle - 20 Michael Paterson ICandy Volume 1 10.00 Gold Dust Live DVD Boxet 27.00 Art of Eddie Joseph 14.00 Aberdeen Thread 9.00 The Restaurant Worker's Handbook 12.00 F***ing Coins 14.00 Behaviour Patterns (DVD & Pad) 13.00 Richard Osterlind Mind Mysteries Volume 4 - 10 Neil Turton Draculea Blackhart 10.00 Teacher's Pet by Practical Magic 20.00 plus postage The Ultimate Irish Three Card Monte by Pat Fallon 10.00 Four Kings by Vincenzo di Fatta 3.00 Water to Wine by Paul Hallas 6.00 Flustration by Bob King 10.00 Jack-Ro-Bats 4 Jacks Card Trick 6.00 Club Sandwich by Andrew Normansell 8.00 Monkey in the Middle by Bill Goldman 6.00 Outcased by Peter Eggink 18.00 Mind Warp by Jerry Sadowitz 3.00 Shenanigans by Liam Montier 10.00 Solo by Mark Mason 10.00 Funny Prediction by Vinzenzo di Fatta 5.00 Ring and String by Mark Leveridge Text and Diagram booklets 6.00 Effortless Effects by Ryan Schlutz 15.00 dvd Books Supreme's Yell Up for the Kids by Roy Baker 5.00 Impromptu Card Routine by Herb Rungie 6.00 Minds In Close Up by Jack Rates 18.00 rare Now You See It Now You Don't by Bill Tarr 8.00 plus postage Close Up Magic Secrets by Diamond Jim Tyler 12.00 plus postage The Complete Illustrated Book of Close Up Magic by Walter B Gibson 15.00 plus postage All with postage except where stated Brian Callaghan The Devil's Staircase by Greg Chapman. Covers memorised deck, stack work, floating key cards, faro work, estimation.

Ron Wheatley Axtell Cheetah Full Body Vent puppet in very good condition. B (Simon Lovell)...3 Born to Perform DVD (Oz Pearlman)..8 Haunted & Haunted 2 (Paul Harris) 10 Pointless (Gregory Wilson) 15 Rabbit Rise (Matt Marcey) 10 Master Deck with DVD (Mark Oberon) 10 Cheek to Cheek (Oz Pearlman) 10 Absolutely Amazing Wallet (Magicmakersinc) 8 Giles Saunders Steam 2.0 30 The gecko 25 Stitched by Alexander kolle 10 Hide and seek by James Brown 15 First hand by Justin miller 15 Legend by Justin miller 10 Dst 15 Spiral principle 15 Lethal weapons 10 Killer cut 15 Airborne invisio 25 Deep 3 by Bro Gilbert 20 Hidden Hand by Sean Fields 12 The Game by Luke Jermay 12 prices all include shipping, 170 for the lot.

Gary Lawrence Geneva Prediction Watch by Collectors Workshop 200 watchmakers. K The Hole - Peter Eggink 15 Card Artistry - Justin Flom 15 Card Artistry 2 - Justin Flom 15 Flush - John Stessel 15 First Hand - Justin Miller & Paul Harris 15 Rewind (Red Back) - Michael Charterlain 15 The Insider - Jay Sankey 15 The Dissaperance -Jay Sankey 15 Keylicious - Jeff Prace 15 Titans Finger - Titanus 15 Distortion (Red Back) - Wayne Houchin Hypno Aces -David Penn 15 Pentacle - Craig Petty 15 Travelogue - Richard Pinner 20 Rattled -Dan Hauss 20 Skycap - Luke Danny 20 Attack & Return of the Bag - Craig Petty 15 each or 25 for both Andrew Lewis Clarity Box - By David Regal - Great condition - 35 Coin under watch - By Oz Pearlman - case slightly cracked - 5 Thought Transmitter Original - By John Cornelius - Great Condition - 16 Tool(DVD and Gimmick) - By David Stone - Great Condition - 12 Paul Harris Presents Water Works (DVD and Gimmicks) by Uday Jadugar & Paul Harris - Like New/Only used a couple of times - 16 Tiny Plunger by Jon Armstrong, Mathieu Bich and Garrett Thomas - DVD - Dvd watched once - 13 The Ninja Tossed Out Deck - By Patrick Redford - Great Condition - 13 Gregory Wilson At the Table Live Lecture DVD - 4.50 Upgrade DVD only - Danny Wieser - 4 Humbug DVD only by Angleo Carbone - Trick - 3.50 Unwritten (Blue) by Lyndon Jugalbot & Sans Minds - Trick - Like New/ Used once or Twice - 14 Dresscode DVD only - By Calen Morelli - 6 Frea KEY - By Gregory Wilson - DVD case slightly wrecked and gimmicked keys slightly faded - 10 Aces On their Faces DVD only - By Bob Kholer - 4 Chop - By Craig Petty - Basically Brand New only ever opened - 16 Mist by Peter Eggink - Basically Brand New/ Used Once - 14 I am open to offers Ben Hatt One twist Axel Heclau brand new 20 Naked Pablo Amira brand new 12 Crystal Card Pieras Fitikides brand new 14 Cube Break Astor brand new 35 Alcatraz Box Mickael Chatelain brand new 17 Double Take Paul Richards brand new 10 Pay pal only small postage charge will be added Gary Lawrence Stuck in Time 120 Tom Yurassits - Stuck in time. can send photo Offers Whotits made by quality props great childrens routine 2 tricks in one with a rabbit production box and a furry puppet that appear on its own keeps poping up which the children see and you dont . Pour in a liquid, then produce silk ribbons (included but not in great condition) then pour out different coloured liquid. The magician operates this using a key-fob while standing a good distance away from the prop. I am sorry I did not specify the size in my first advert and apologise for any misunderstanding.

Matti Weinberg littman (Israel) All items inc P&P U. Wallets Roy Roth's Bendix Bombshell 20 Roy Roth's Executive Wallet 23 Harry Robson's Hip Replacement 23 Books Royal Road to Cars Magic Soft back 9 Troy Hoosers Destroyers 28 inc coins and ribbon for charming chinese challenge als signed to me by the author The no mess cake bake David Ginn booklet 6 Tricks WOW gimmicks FU 9H FD Red back 33 the pair On the case Steve Gore 10 Andrew Lewis All items brand new pay pal only small postage charge will be added Crystal card Pieras Fitikides 10 Alcatraz box Mickael Chatelain 15 Magma Kyle Marlett 25 Billfold Kyle Marlett 10 Mystery Solved David Penn 30 Fob David Penn 25 Solid and Stretch David Penn 12 Ink -redible Nicholas Dakin 10 In The Middle Mark Mason 7 Tube Russell Leeds 18 The Box Mark Southworth 30 Gregorio Higar Seo Magic 15 Akkadian Deck Fraser Parker 8 Compressed Deck Luke Dancy 6 Limitless Alakazam 12 TUC Tango 10p version 25 Miracle Signed Card To Envelope Roger Curzon 12 Dice Escape Seo Magic 22 Or the whole lot for 250 a saving of 42 but a real saving of over 350 as this lot comes to over 600 and is all brand new and most never even been opened and none ever used or even practiced with and many still in the unbroken cellophane and still in the carrier bags from Blackpool last year or the year before ! Now, consider the extraordinary innovations, none of which was true with the original Stull Watch: The Geneva Prediction Watch is a fully functioning, accurate, quality Swiss time piece (beautiful Hunter s case watch-Swiss made). The range of predicted time is quite varied (13 different settings! There are no electronics (other then the watch movement itself) or external devices. This is a jewel of an effect and a piece of jewelry, as well, that you will be proud to own. Scott Daly Dvd's complete with gimmicks all inc p&p U. Ian Manly On The Mark Large By Mark Elsdon New 30 Lolly Hero By Steve Rowe New With Top Trumps 23 Flex 5 By Promystic Unused 40 Calender Presage new 20 Steve Rowe Cube Card , Mismade 10 bills And Extreme Burn Bills(10) And weight 20 Murray Mint Coin Only 15 Jamie Schoolcraft Walking Liberties Dean Set 180 Cost New With Shipping And Charges $400 Zoe Stevenson Card Cube by Perseus Arkomanis New 8 Bedazzling Colours by Paul Gordon New 11 TKM by Paul Gordon New 11 Rhine's Revenge by Clint Barron New 15 Jeepers Creepers by Paul Gordon New 11 Common Scents by Peter Nardi New 6 Etienne Pradier 2 dvd set Used 32 Three Six Five by Chris Congreave New 14 Joker Tube (Ex Demo) As New but not boxed 58 Reality is Plastic DVD (Head Hacking)by Anthony Jacquin Used 10 Linking Cigarette by Akira Fujii's Used 6 Spectrum by Paul Gordon x2 New 11 each Ripped Apart (Head Hacking)by Anthony Jacquin Used 10 Bring me the Head of a Packet Trick by Mark Elsdon New 12 Phantasm by Jamie Daws New (Cellophane is coming off the trick) 9 Rubber thruhand by Dan Hauss & Blake Vogt Used 10 Book - The Art of Astonishment book 1 by Paul Harris 23 Book - The Art of Astonishment book 2 by Paul Harris 23 Book - The Art of Astonishment book 3 by Paul Harris 23 All payments via Paypal and P&P is 2.95 per item (But with the books p&p will be higher at 4.95 per book unless you buy more than 1 item then we will lower the p&p) :-) Adam Smith Roll on table in black finish very tidy condition 65 can deliver if not to far Ali Bongo Hat unused new 8 Five Silk & cotton grey jackets S/m/L used twice for stage show. It then rises silently and very smoothly from the pack.

2 x Magic (Jan 16, May 16), 3 x Magicseen (Nov 15, Mar 16, Jan 17). Features, standard card to Wallet, no palm card to Wallet, card to ID case, and card to envelope.

Andy Nyman lecture notes - 9 Ten Magazines: 4 x Genii (May 16, Jan 16, Oct 15, April 15). Clowns That Clone (a cute sponge ball routine ) 5 pounds Magic Ding Dong 5 pounds Something from Nothing 6 pounds X-Act by Mike Kirby 15 pounds But Not Here-Mark Elsdon 10 pounds Child's Play DVD only 5 pounds Packet Trick Treasures DVD 5 pounds Book-Greater Magic by J. 8.50 including postage Neil Somerville Jol Plus Wallet small, brand new, never used.

As performed by Keller O'Neil The Southern Charmer.