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But Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Colbert, and particularly Ferguson have never been warring types. And thus, when Ferguson says he leaving because—and only because—he's ready, it's with a heavy heart that I tell him that'll do. There have been a number of times where Ferguson has dressed up as an insane Michael Caine for a running gag.There was an episode where he cleared the house so that he could interview Stephen Fry without an audience.“Comedy should have a certain amount of joy in it,” he said. When he was considering taking the job in the first place, his friend Eddie Izzard advised him to do it but warned that if he did it for more than two years, people will think that’s all that he does: host.

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Besides Just Being Honest, Ferguson has busied himself with a few guest-starring roles and a regular gig hosting the game show Celebrity Name Game, a job he cops to taking for, arguably, the right reasons: It’s easy, it’s fun, and it pays well. The Peabody-winning interview with Desmond Tutu is iconic late-night television.

Season 2 premieres in syndication September 21, and he’s already shot over 250 episodes. “But the key to it is this: I don’t feel settled into anything. How could he be a poor fit in a genre in which he was widely considered to be among the examples of excellence? “I’m just not doing it late-night.” Ferguson compares it to David Bowie and his alter ego.

Tune in on any given night of his Late Late Show tenure—on which you might have seen, say, a gay robot skeleton sidekick named Geoff dancing along with Ferguson and a pantomime horse—and you got a sense of his madcap rebel streak.

Rewatch his poignant 2007 monologue recounting his history of alcoholism and journey to sobriety, which culminates in a pledge not to ridicule Britney Spears at the height of her shaved-head meltdown. It’s easy and fun and I make a little money.”Thinking back at his lengthy run in late-night, Ferguson can’t help but laugh.

Awkward pauses that celebrity guests tend to ask for emphatically. The theater in which the event took place could easily be described as "quaint." It was certainly smaller than the studio in which Ferguson tapes , though to be fair, those tickets are free.