How to stop dating emotionally unavailable men

Everyone will think you're everything the Beatles promise, yet you don't have to argue with people pressuing you to be miserable or guys who won't make the real effort to make themselves marriage-ready.But, sure, say that the women are too deluded to be acting in their own self-interest.Sadly, without such proof, their self-worth is left hanging in the wind.

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Though this approach isn’t ideal, her behavior reflects the fact that she is patient, hard working, and committed to something she cares about. For women who find themselves in a relationship with an unavailable man, the women don't need to change everything about themselves—they just need to switch their focus.

Specifically, they need to switch from focusing their energy into obtaining his affection to focusing on their own emotional needs.

Most women don’t seek out or sustain interest in unavailable men, but more women than any of us would like to admit do.

I actually saw this behavior so frequently in my private practice that I decided to write a book about it, which is called .

Women in relationships with unavailable men feel that they have to work hard to keep their partners interested, and often try to shape themselves into being whatever they think their partners are looking for.