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'What other personal thing would you tell people so early on in a relationship?I've tried telling people at the start and seen them walk away.

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When she realised she liked him, she asked her health adviser what to do.

'She said, "Just say to him, 'I have HIV,' and don't add anything. He might need time to think about it." Of course, I have had years to deal with my HIV status, and you can't expect someone to know what they feel about it after a few hours.'Luckily, Andrew wanted to pursue the relationship, and the couple eventually married.

'I felt it was better I met someone the same status as me.' She joined Date Positive and 'found a whole new world.

At the beginning it was great meeting people - men and women - on the site who really knew what I was going through.

Only then will they be able to approach dating with a clear head.