He s gay is dating a well known interior designer

Enter one Dirk Bogarde, putting both his reputation and his career on the line.

He moved deliberately beyond his "Doctor in the House" series of light romantic leading men to make this benchmark film.

The plot covers the months before the crime, the ...

It is incredible that this movie was made - on two levels.

One being the obvious, who would want to star in such a controversial film?

The movie, far ahead of its time, ends with Farr and his wife coming to terms with his homosexuality after the public exposure he faces in the blackmailer's trial.

Due to the film's subject matter the BBFC studied the script before official submission and several lines of anti-homosexual dialogue were removed. Surprisingly 3 of these were rescinded upon appeal, including Farr's legendary admission, and the only cut made to the film was the removal of a line of dialogue referring to an adolescent boy 'making the wrong choice'. Homosexuals were routinely jailed just because they were homosexuals.

The interior designer's work on a project begins when he or she is hired by an architect or developer.

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