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Both Gabe and William have been good-humored about and even supportive of the Gabilliam ship.

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The point of view will change every chapter, but the main person is Frank Iero throughout the whole plot.

Joe is a halfbreed alien from a questionable background arranged to marry the prince of (Neo) Earth.

Pete Wentz is an incredibly powerful fae with the power of charmspeak. But after a hugely successful sophomore album and their defeat of a prince of hell (better known for his rock band: The Killers) Fall Out Boy is attracting a lot of attention, human and magical, and someone very powerful has their eyes on the band.

They have to focus all their attention on staying alive and protecting the lives of the innocent.

A High School AU centered around eight people.-Ryan was just trying to get his mom and dad to stop fighting and figure his shit out. Gerard wasn't eating his meals and spending his days drawing and planning parties. Frank felt like life wasn't worth it and was battling with his own thoughts. The one place you could nearly always find all of them? Or: Gabe’s a sarcastic and long-suffering demonic power broker who works for the devil.