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I recommend this site if you're a Fefe fan (of course you are) cuz it's usually on top of things. t=44 someone made a message board post where u can download of Sunday Love from an original promo CD using u Torrent.

I already had all the songs to Sunday Love but these are good quality and you can get all 13 song, the lyrics, and both album covers.

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After the show Ashley and Michael go to fancy restaurants together.

I just discovered that Michael is planning on getting engaged with Ashley. From: Moniatioooooooooooo Ashley Leggat and Michael Seater just started dating this year in Sept. That's why they are on Life With Derek all the time !!!!!!!!!

She has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 1.8 years each.

The Only People Present Were The Couple And An Elvis Impersonator.

I just discovered that Michael is planning on getting engaged with Ashley. t if you ant to look like a movie star .....walk around in sunglasses 24/7 and buy clothes that bring out the color in in your eyes and you'll look fabulous!!!

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    He appeared on the network again in summer 2015 for two episodes of the show Guilty Pleasures.

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