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If there is a husband/father, and if he ever comes home, he is yet to be seen.Moving down to 6 x 6, on most nights one will observe a middle aged man standing at the window smoking.As a child, I could look out windows on all four sides of my home. Outside another was the front lawn and peaceful tree lined street.

Directly next door in 9 x 5 is what looks like a one-room being used as a dwelling by a young family. The room is small and clothing racks are always out drying clothes and making the space seem even smaller.

It is truly bizarre to see workers dressed in suits toiling at their desks in 9 x 4, while literally next door, separated by 1 foot of wall, is a mother in pajamas crawling on the floor with a baby.

My groceries are all delivered to my house and I always have enough beer to last me through the weekend.

No oil to change, no garage to sweep, no dog to walk and washing my car involves driving to another part of town and putting coins into a machine. Every time the young woman next door sees me in the hall way, she jumps back and says “깜짝이! Seeing a foreigner is still enough to warrant the Korean equivalent of “Oh shit! It would probably be pointless to mention that we’ve been neighbors for over a year.

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