Dating how to approach women at the bar

This leads a lot of men to act in quasi-creepy behavior, such as staring at women in public, following women around, or sitting there making faux sexy eye contact in an effort to get HER to make the first move.

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Bragging to women about how great of a guy you are is an easy way to convey that you don’t think you’re good enough. Keep your salary, investments, and so called impressive money attributes to yourself when you’re first meeting someone.

A similar incident happened when one guy told me he hated the State we both lived in and then said he was only staying because he makes almost 200K a year at his job. Men frequently try to break the ice with me by insulting me.

I didn’t care about your approval before you opened your mouth, and now I really don’t care.

Insulting is not a way to make a girl feels vulnerable or a way to make you feel less out of her league. The next time you want to talk to a girl, try saying “Hi” and compliment her or ask her a question about your surroundings, her drink, or the song that is playing at that moment at a bar.

I’ve seen a few pick up artist websites that endorse this behavior, but please, for the love of God stop doing this.