Dating guy with grown daughters

I do agree with one thing: if he's worth it, go for it! At the age of nine his girls routinely have their hands in the knickers, they never flush the toilet or wash their hands, they interupt conversations and get stoppy if I say 'Just a moment, Daddy was just taking'. My boyfriend sees his children as 'having a bit of life and character in them'.

Unfortunately, so many people with opinions will try to tell you this man isn't worth it. As a teacher, I suggest ways of dealing with their behaviour but he takes no notice.

First, funds are limited, so I would only be able to go places with them that are inexpensive. Sooner or later it must dawn upon him that there is something bothering you because you refuse to go out with them and then you can tell him.

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They stay up ALL night, eat all through the night, and sleep until 1 to 3 PM. --DATE A GUY that just lets his kids rule, wreck his home--for what reason---so there happy, and nobody else is?

They dictate EVERYTHING we do and I pay half the bills!! 63% of relationships are ruined by step kids.....includes adult kids. My wonderful relationship was destroyed by adult children in their 40's. YO that's what's wrong today--PARENTS that don't keep there little darlings on coarse.

My boyfriend is a GREAT guy but is scared shitless to ask either one of them to do ANYTHING...he'd prefer I take out the trash, pick up after them, cook, clean, do their laundry while they sit around playing video games and watching TV. I believe they probably thought I was after whatever I could get. THATS what parents r for--led, guide, teach right from wrong.

He'd prefer that I keep my mouth shut when his 14 yr. Find a nice man with NO kids that are texting their moms all weekend regarding EVERYTHING you do, say or think and feel..... Mind you, I have my own business and my own home !!!! All I can say is " I would never do this again." As much as I wanted to be with this man, I am ending the relationship because of the roller coaster ride. Ya just don't give BIRTH to a baby, and let it decide!

The man I am seeing is still searching for his "role" with his children, and it irks me to no end that there are no rules or boundaries when the girls come to visit.

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