Dating crazy woman

Don’t get me wrong; it was never hard for me to attract girls, and rather attractive ones at that.

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(That was my exhibitionist stick-shaking joke.)The myth of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl dictates that these deus ex child-women arrive to change—maybe even save—a man’s life, but I wonder if Mel’s the one looking to do some rescuing. The care-taking butch and the damaged ingenue are as common in the queer female community as premature commitment and Old Navy jeans.

And of course this dynamic isn’t specific to butch/femme couples.

(To me, this seems equivalent to identifying as Bipedal because you walk on two legs.

Nothing against those without two legs, but most people have them, so why go to the trouble of pointing it out? So essentially Mel couldn’t have sex with this chick until they developed an emotional connection, but her toes were fair game.

As much as we don’t like to admit it, males need validation, too. I was most certainly guilty of being this at one point in my life.

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