Dating concert pianist

They generally do not write or transcribe music as pianists did in the 19th century.

Some classical pianists might specialize in accompaniment and chamber music while others (relatively few) will perform as full-time piano soloists.

From that era, leading performers less known as composers were Clara Schumann and Hans von Bülow.

However, as we do not have modern audio recordings of most of these pianists, we rely mainly on written commentary to give us an account of their technique and style.

Mozart could be considered the first "concert pianist" as he performed widely on the piano.

Composers Beethoven and Clementi from the classical era were also famed for their playing, as were, from the romantic era, Liszt, Brahms, Chopin, Mendelssohn and Rachmaninoff.

The German pianist Davide Martello is known for travelling around conflict zones to play his moving piano.