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The unmarried women in particular are called sheng nu or “leftover women.” Other methods to meet a mate in China include online dating websites, such as the Chinese version of, called

He also seemed to have high expectations for a partner, without being up to scratch himself.

That annoyed me a little, and a Malaysian friend later explained it that mainland Chinese men have a sense of entitlement when they have accomplished certain things or made enough money. I hope this was useful to you, or at least entertaining.

This was mostly over the internet, and I have no doubt it's thanks to the shelter of relative anonymity that he felt free to act out.

Perhaps he wouldn't have been so abrasive in the flesh, but I wasn't sticking around to find out.

Similarly, while I suspect that many of these ideas still apply to some extent if you are a foreign girl looking to date a Chinese guy, or with gay/lesbian dating in China, I unfortunately cannot offer any first-hand accounts of these types of relationships.