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“(Hillsong’s) heart on this matter is to reach all people, even communities that present extreme complexities,” he said in an email.

“We would rather be misunderstood and look ‘messy’ to some in the Christian community that do not agree with us and help some, than appease people that think differently and reach none.” Lentz noted that young gay people are committing suicide in record numbers and yet they find no refuge in most churches.

Furthermore, he said, many churches have accepted a system that forces people to “hide their tensions, questions, and strongholds for fear of exclusion.” “People can’t get over the fact that we’re preaching the whole counsel of God and that people still want to listen to it, even in disagreement, because they know they are loved,” Lentz said.

“But here are two people — and there are many more — who know what we believe and still want to be a part.” So, two things of value have happened that may not satisfy conservative evangelicals or LGBT activists.

But unlike some others, they say they want to stay with the church they love and work for change.

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    Because men supposedly can’t wander into the mythical Bar (and it’s a “a woman can wander into a bar” scenario) and wander out five minutes later with a woman eager to jump his bones, women by default have greater power when it comes to dating.

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