Sex dateing sites in va - Dating a married man who loves his wife

I couldn't talk to anyone about our relationship, so I didn't have a support group.

I would feel HORRIBLE after we had an amazing night of love-making but then he would leave to go home to the wife.

I felt lost, abandoned and glaringly second, the one who comes after the needs of the wife. I don't hate her, and feel for her a bit, she has a husband who cheats! Dumped him last week, got my closure from the first time we broke up 30 odd yrs ago as well, and I feel surprisingly "lighter" and wiser.

Take back your power, don't ever let a married man call the shots, and date other people!!

I told him the affair served its purpose for what it was, but would never be good enough for me, even though our love for each other grew stronger and we realized that we really love each other OUT of bed, too!

I told him I no longer wanted the be the mistress, the other woman, that I would go back to being the long, gone ex-girlfriend.

He has you, the sexy lover who gives him everything he needs sexually, and then he has the wife who cooks, cleans, and looks after him. If this sounds like I’m defending married men who cheat, I’m not. – I need you to ask yourself a question, and think very carefully about your answer.