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He remained in Bebeji until matters had settled down.

He used the new trade routes to Ibadan and Lagos to develop his network of trading associates.

After the usual reading of the Qur'an, Alhassan Dantata had to go and beg for food for his mallam and himself. As was the tradition, the bulk of his earnings went to his Mallam.

At some point he returned to Bebeji to his religious studies and work.

His name indicates she was a strong influence in his early life.

Alhassan was sent to a Qur'anic school (madrasah) in Bebeji. His share of his father's wealth seemed to have vanished and he had to support himself.

Both his parents were wealthy Agalawa, a heredity group of long distance traders in the Hausa empire. Abdullahi's children were too young to manage his considerable wealth.