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At around 8 a.m., the next morning, her mother caught a glimpse of her daughter in bed, but didn’t notice if she was alive or dead at that time.She didn’t discover that Jessie was unresponsive until returning home that afternoon, according to , Investigators learned that recently a 19-year-old teen named Daniel Joseph Bartelt had pursued Jessie Bartlett romantically, even though Jessie Blodgett did not have the same feelings.Jessie’s killer, Daniel Bartelt, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder.

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Schumer had been following Klein's work, and once she exited SNL, she asked her to be head writer on a pilot Comedy Central had committed to make.

Both Schumer and the show’s other executive producer, Dan Powell, credit Klein for helping come up with the format of the show.

Just days before Jessie Blodgett was found dead in bed, DNA evidence found under Jessie Blodgett’s fingernails matched Daniel Bartelt.

The rope used in the killing was found inside of a cereal box in a local park. For people who knew Daniel Bartelt’s family, it was truly puzzling.

By all accounts, he was raised by loving parents in a good environment, and even Jessie Blodgett’s father, Buck, agreed, according to the As for family and friends of Jessie Blodgett, it’s hard to believe that she is no longer with them.