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The founders knew a lot about the great Persian king Cyrus the Great, a man who had lived at the very dawn of Greece’s so-called golden age of art, history, and literature.They learned about Cyrus through the writings of the Greek historian Xenophon, who had travelled to Persia as part of the Greek army. Well, Womensflyfishing in AK is offering a discount on both of their guided trips to Copper on the Fly Lodge at Lake Iliamna when 2 or more club members book together on either the Sockeye & Bows trip . "Rookie No More: The Fly Fishing Novice Gets Guidance From A Pro" is available on this website and at book signings across the state.

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It was required reading for anyone who wanted to get into college in eighteenth-century America.

Hopeful students had to plow through the Latin and sometimes even Greek edition of Xenophon just to get into the door of the university.[4] in a second, but first I have to say some not nice things, which are straight from the pen of poor John Quincy Adams, age 18, whose helicopter father—that would be John Adams—made him read the whole thing, cover to cover, in preparation for the life of public service he and Abigail were sure the young man was destined for.[5] Here’s a catalogue of despair from the young John Quincy, complaining to his diary on several different occasions about how awful it is, and how he hardly understands a thing of what he’s reading (probably because he was reading it in ancient Greek): “I have got through in four mornings, the preface to the Cyropaedia, but it is a crabbed piece of business.

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Could anything be stranger than talking about ancient Persia in a city dedicated to the ideals of ancient Greece and Rome? C., stand monuments to the American founders’ reverence for ancient Greece and Rome: the Capitol Building, the White House, the Jefferson Memorial.

Xenophon had not personally known Cyrus the Great, who had lived a century before.