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The CSRC is committed to increasing its LGBT and women’s collections.

This initiative has a fourfold mission: to educate women and LGBT communities about the importance of documenting and preserving Latina and Latino history; to educate Latina and Latino communities about the importance of women’s stories and LGBT history within their archival efforts; to provide women and LGBT Latinas and Latinos with archival materials that can function as a source of pride, inspiration, and new scholarship; and to educate “mainstream” archival institutions about the need for both women’s and LGBT archival holdings and for culturally sensitive collecting and archival practices.

Today, in the United States, the term Chicano or Chicana is used to describe Mexican-Americans and usually is associated with a political consciousness.

Cheech Marin wrote a describing his interpretation of the word and other identifiers used to describe Spanish-speaking peoples.

ILLs usually arrive 1-1.5 weeks after the request and you can pick them up at either the Brooklyn or Manhattan library locations.