Case studies for validating cnc machines

Our highly skilled CNC operators program at the machine and are responsible for all quality checks as the parts come off the CNC centre.

All machining is undertaken using state of the art cutting technology, hi-feed cutter, diamond coated cutter and titanium cutters.

While these projects are more involved exercises due to the complex nature of the systems; good understanding of Automation Technologies make it easier to address these specific needs.

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The microscopic scrunity of electronically generated and stored data, Electronic Batch Manufacturing Reports etc.

have made the validation of such systems almost inevitable.

RPM has a wide range and capability within its suite of modern high speed, high accuracy CNC machines, and offers 5 Axis simultaneous CNC machining as part of its high quality services.

Our modern Deckel Maho 200P CNC machine enables RPM to undertake complex machining on parts up to 5000kg.

Modern CNC equipment and highly skilled CNC operators for superior accuracy Lean Manufacturing Systems At RPM we pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality fine tolerance components and parts for mould manufacture.