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Can you moms help and give me some advise i would really appreciate it with all my heart .Tamera Hi im tamera and when i was 16 i got pregnant from reckless one night stand and when i was 4 months pregnant i sadly lost my baby i found out before i lost the baby it was a boy , the father told to me get an abortion an i said no im don't believe in it , i ended up stressing about the pressure from him and not being financially stable so i ended up having a miscarriage, and i got really depressed my baby would have been 2 years in april and it still breaks my heart.

In the Pee Dee, nearly any hill located near a natural water source is worthy of at least a cursory look.

Other prime locations come as a result of the modern trend toward pine tree cultivation.

Ive read a lot of these storys and i wanted to put mine up i was 21 when i got pregnant the first time i was so happy my bf at the time said he was happy he was 30 i found i was pregnant at 4 weeks i told all my family and they were happy for me except 1 of my older sisters she had 3 daughters anyway i get to six weeks and my sister hits me in the stomach we had a fight she told me my bf and her were going behind my back i confronted my bf after that he told me she was lying so i belived him i startes having pain in week 8 and didnt know what was happening then i startes to bleed i freakes out my other older sister called the hospital and i went turns out i had lost the baby i told the father and he said doeant matter we would try again i couldnt belive he would say that like it was nothing but stupid me stayed with him for 6 more months and a another misscarrise then i found out that he had 3 other gfs i cry so hard i thought he loved me so after we broke up i started drinking up to 2 bottles of wine a day and hurting myself i misses my babys after 1 year and many problems i meet my husband after i had been married for 5 months i feel pregnant i was so scared i kept counting the months at 39 weeks i had a c section and my beautiful little girl was born i have since had 2 other daughters im sorry this is so long But i just want to wish everyone one on here the best of luck and things do get better hugs and kisses everyone xoxoxox Maggie Hi im tamera , well this is my story , when i was 15 i got pregnant and i lost my baby .

Now im 17 and i think i might be pregnant i'm not sure because i haven't taken a pg test yet but i scared that i am.

It is also important to note that many of these often overlooked potential sites are also located on sandy soil, or in areas that are otherwise felt to be unproductive for farming.