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Your review has helped us to improve and maintain our property for future.Now, all of our guests are satisfied with our facilities and services except you.

We got what seems to be the only good room in the hotel, which is upstairs with a stunning ocean view.

We could not believe that with this great oceanfront location, the other rooms were all blocked off from the beach views!

I have three models, two of which (Guests, Bookings) are populated. I tried to call data from Bookings and get View Does Not Exist at /bookings Tried booked_dates in module views.

Error was: 'module' object has no attribute 'booked_dates'.

Great local place to stay and eat right in front of Cokes surf spot, this is medium range budget accommodation with friendly staff and the only other option to the high dollar boats and resorts along with the other guest houses on the Island.