Bipolar disorder and internet dating

Read on for the eight common myths about bipolar they often hear from patients and the public.

(What myths have you had to deal with while living with bipolar disorder?

There are people with bipolar who will shift back and forth more quickly than others, Sachs says. "For the most part what is typical is to have an abnormal mood state colored by a predominance of high or low.'' What's an abnormal mood state?

Something intense or unexpected in relation to a situation, such as giggling instead of crying when you find out your home will be foreclosed, Sachs says.

"The hallmark of mania is a euphoric or elevated mood," Smith says.

But, he says, "a significant number of people become edgy and irritable as the mania progresses." "Many people are actually frightened when they go into mania," says Sue Bergeson, CEO of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance in Chicago, a patient-run mental health organization.

As soon as the person wants my social media information (already requested) or details about what I do, I sort of have to say that I’m a mental health writer and speaker driven by my personal experience with bipolar disorder.