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Plus, you are about to get a needle dragged over your body and it is gona hurt at least a little. I just tell myself I did the research and I know the artist does good work.

If you trust who you go to and have a connection with them, they will calm you down. And about your design choice, you need to love it no matter what anyone else thinks before you get it. Your artist will help you decide on the best size and exact location.

Please don't jump on me- this is just what I've experienced.

Part of it could be that I am a girly, preppy person but there has only been one shop I've ever been in where I've not felt like people were sneering/making comments or just outright ignoring me.

My current guy bags on me the whole time to distract. Coming up with constant comebacks takes thought away from the pain. If your artist is good, they won't just sit back and say, "Whatever you want." I thought they would but my guy told me about chipping and such for the one on my foot.