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Dating abuse is a pattern of abusive behaviors -- usually a series of abusive behaviors over a course of time -- used to exert power and control over a dating partner.Every relationship is different, but the things that unhealthy and abusive relationships have in common are issues of power and control.So, ladies and gentlemen, I know that travelling alone can get quite lonely and tiring, but trust me: dating has totally changed my perspective on it as a whole.

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Jumping from one flirt to the other while travelling instead, add romance and interest and even magic to *it*. Well, most of the people you meet are going to leave or are going to move on so nothing is permanent, everything goes fast and for this reason, you skip a few steps and live things at 100km/hour right from the start.

If a commitment isn’t something you are after, then this fast approach can be the perfect speed dating game over a few days/weeks where you actually get to know the person, feel *something* and then move on to a new one. On top of the senior discount on some hostels, I am in that age frame where I can easily pick above 30 and below thirty without feeling guilty or be arrested.

It does not discriminate and can happen to anyone in any relationship, whether it’s one that is casual and short-term or serious and monogamous.

As I write this, I am sitting in one of the many gorgeous cafes in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Ok, ok, it is true that this app is filled with two categories of weirdos: the direct sexual stalkers and the marry-me-now ones. But since I’ve turned 32 (OMG, how’s that possible?!?? ) I also realised I could no longer waste time crying with a broken heart on my pillow, I had to focus on finding something. (At least for now) And in the last few weeks of crazy dating, I learnt a few things that I hope will install some hope to all the single ladies (and men) out there, looking to cross paths not with a soulmate perhaps, but with some interesting people for sure.